Volume R, an exclusive collection

In a stunning collaboration filled with emotion, energy, and romance, our limited edition collection features exclusive artwork from the private collection of H.E Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa. With 5 distinctive categories of design, the collection encompasses the many sides of artistic vision.
With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to refresh our wardrobe with radiant prints and delicate silk. Featuring bright hues and a color palette for every taste, Volume R makes staying trendy and chic this summer effortless. From vivid blues, pinks, and greens to statement monochrome scarves, the collection offers diversity and wearability all year long. With so much color and life in one collection, it’s easy to find the perfect shade to flatter your skin tone and give that beautiful glow. Incorporating a luxurious scarf to your look instantly elevates your mood and outfit, making it our favorite accessory this season!
Volume R represents romance, wonderful art, and beauty. With artwork entirely from Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa’s private collection, it is a rare opportunity for clients to own a priceless and unique collector’s piece. As our exclusive and limited edition collection, each scarf gives a touch of personalization to your wardrobe. Find inspiration in the stories and themes behind each scarf, and discover excitement and empowerment in the vivacity of art.
As an active Bahraini artist for over 40 years, H.E Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa serves as the Honorary President of the Bahrain Arts Society. Expressive and passionate in his work, his artistic career has had him cover elegant oils and watercolors in a representational Orientalist style as well as bold colors and cut-out design. As a Patron of the Arts, he has produced landscape, figurative and abstract artwork over the years in a most beautiful and lyrical fashion. Natural talent combined with a dedication to practice has established him as a renowned artist throughout the region.
 Volume R incorporates various themes that harmoniously combine to create a diverse collection. With five categories that each depict a specific artistic style, Paintings from the HeartGoing Alone, Pulse, Transformation, Dance From Your Heart and each tell unique stories.
Paintings From The Heart portrays a romantic side of the collection, with a predominant theme of vibrant hearts and an atmosphere of love. Engaging linear patterns make Going Alone an intriguing burst of energy and life, while sharp contrasting colors and dimension give a sense of depth and space in Pulse.
 Using the motifs of individualism and figurative art in Transformation and Dance From Your Heart, the collection represents the unmistakable talent and multi-faceted artistic vision of the artist.

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