What Mother's Day Means to Us

I owe to my mother - Abraham Lincoln
I still remember one special mother's day, I was about 5 years old. I was at my grandmother's house,  as my mother was working at the time. My father came to collect us and told us that we'd be going to get my mum a special gift for mother's day. He tasked my sister Noor, and I with the selection, a job the two of us took very seriously! We had to get it right. With great care, we finally selected a special gift for her, a pair of stunning amethyst dangling earrings. 
The two of us were so proud of our choice, and incredibly excited to see both her and her reaction once she came home and received it. I was buzzing with excitement in anticipation of sharing it with her. She came home, opened the gift, loved the earrings, and immediately put them on. I think this was the moment I realized how special making others happy through a gift was. 
As adults, both of us have turned mothers day into a birthday for my mother, we celebrate her twice over!
Today, I can easily say that this particular mother's day is the most memorable from my childhood, it was the moment my sister, Noor, and I discovered the art of gifting. I get just as excited and jumpy to give my mother a gift, probably just as much as she is delighted to receive a gift from her girls. It is one of the reasons we present and package Annada the way we do. The art of gifting, whether it be for yourself, or a loved one, can bring so much joy and happiness; these are the experiences we want to share with the world through art. 
It's an important and special day to show your love and appreciation to those who are mother figures in your life. And I'm sure it holds this value for everyone... The mothers in our lives have taught us how to love, to laugh, how to speak,  how to walk, and how to be strong. The opportunity to appreciate them with a small token of love, or a kind word, shouldn't be missed.
Happy Mothers Day to every kind of mother out there. We appreciate you.

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