A Guide
To Headpieces

everything you need to know!

We love a good statement headpiece (read the blog for some inspiration!), it can uplift any ensemble.

There are so many ways you can style Annada scarves to give your hairdoa unique twist, however, the idea of where to start can seem daunting; there are too many options to choose from !

So, here's our quick guide to choosing the perfect scarf for your preferred style. 


A handcrafted headband with braided silk is the fuss free headpiece, adding a unique flair to your look with an artful height.

The Braided Headband

Wear the slim as you would a ribbon. The Slim Silk Scarf can be worn as a sleek headband, to tie a ponytail, or even braided in your hair for a pop of color.

The Slim


The Long Georgette Scarf is ideal to wrap as a classic Hijab. Designed as a non slip scarf ideal for the modest woman. It's shape is versatile so that it may also be tied into a turban style, or thrown on as a classic scarf.

The Long Georgette Scarf


The Square Scarf is the ideal shape for versatility. The silk scarf can be worn as a modest turban,  a headband, or even in a bandana style.  The chicest and most classic of the bunch this shape allows you to be creative in style.

The Square Scarf

The Long Scarf can be wrapped a number of ways to to create a sleek turban that also covers the decollete, for a layer of modesty, or to keep you warm in the cooler months.

The Long Scarf