Why do I choose ANNADA franchise whilst there are other similar retail franchise businesses?

ANNADA is a world-class affordable luxury brand that transforms art into fashion, offering a rich product line of the finest material in colorful life style accessories, a diverse selection of elegant scarves, comfortable dresses, abayas, kimono cardigans, leather jackets, & footwear, inspiring stationary, and home accessories with exceptional designs of harmonious blend of fashion and art. Each product in ANNADA boutique store is curated from regional artists, transforming their artworks into wearable pieces, presented with gorgeous luxury packaging, and a guide of ways to wear, creating a great gifting, and shopping experience for both women and men, and bringing happiness, brightness, style, and most of all beauty to the world.

Stepping into ANNADA store is like stepping into an art gallery and a luxury boutique at the same time. The silk pieces gently sway not just to be viewed but allowing you to feel and try them on. All while the smaller accessories and the wide paper products collection invite you to find the perfect token to take home. Our team works constantly to maintain the entire experience across all of our retail outlets.

Each element of our franchise model is designed carefully to bring us closer to our franchisees, making sure that their business is equally successful and enjoyable where our franchisees embark on the top of our learning curve of quality standards of production, supply chain and store management and operations.

What are ANNADA's unique selling proposition?

ANNADA enjoys many unique points and a competitive edge of competition. To list a few:

  • A unique retail brand in a niche market with minimum competition.
  • A distinctive range of products, superb visual merchandising, and ingenious packaging design.
  • Tested and proven successful business in the Middle East region.
  • A mature business at the top of its learning curve.
  • Simple operation and affordable investment on a store level.
  • Innovative, bright store designs and a comfortable shopping experience.
  • An omni-channel approach to sales (brick & mortar store - mobile apps – online - corporate sales, and special projects).
  • Scalable store size and models.
  • Professional and timely franchise support from a close contiguity in Bahrain.
  • Powerful marketing support via social media.

Do I have to have experience in similar businesses?

No prior experience in similar businesses is required as we offer a full business format franchising where the business system has been developed and tested over the years, but our franchisees must have a shared passion for ANNADA's iconic brand, its values, philosophy, and business ethics, and a love for art, beauty, fashion, and joyful lifestyle.

Do I have to have a location to apply for ANNADA franchise?

This is not a pre-requisite as we offer potential franchisees the right to own, manage and operate the business as a country or an area developer for an initial period of ten years, renewable for a consecutive term. That is a total of 20 years where the franchisee will be required to develop a number of stores over an agreed period of time. The franchisee will have a three months period after the signing the franchise agreement to identify a proper location and submit for approval by ANNADA.

Will the franchise rights be exclusive to me in my market?

Yes, we offer exclusive area development rights and we will not operate any store owned by us or grant others the right to operate stores in your franchised area.

Is a joint-venture franchise possible?

No, this is not an option. We invested time, efforts, energy, and a considerable amount of money to build our franchise business and we expect each franchise to have the financial commitment to establish and operate the business in the target market.

What are the minimum investment levels required to start one location?

We have 4 store sizes and investments levels as follows:

  1. Gallery: (Flagship store ≥ 250 m2) with an average investment of US$ 334,000.
  2. Boutique: (Mall-based ≥ 150 m2) with an average investment of US$ 225,000.
  3. Mini Boutique: (Small Store ≤ 50 m2) with an average investment of US$ 170,00.
  4. Non-traditional Locations: such as kiosks, stands, display units, store-in-store units, (< 50 m2) with an average investment of US$ 100,000.

The above numbers are all approximates, and does not in any way or under any scenario provide any promise for achieving similar results in the franchised location(s).

What products do I have to source directly from ANNADA? 

All franchisees must purchase from ANNADA all proprietary products including our rich product line of the finest material in colorful life style accessories, a diverse selection of elegant scarves, comfortable dresses, abayas, kimono cardigans, leather jackets, & footwear, inspiring stationary, and home accessories with exceptional designs of harmonious blend of fashion and art, and has created proprietary products and other unique materials.

Can I sell other fashion products in my franchised store?

No, the franchisee will offer for sale only the products authorized by ANNADA and which meet the certain specifications and standards.

Can I choose my own range of products?

Yes, after operating for the initial period, the franchisee will be in position to decide on what products are frequently demanded by its customers and our franchise team will provide support in analyzing the sales mix and provide recommendations for a new products mix.

What is the direct product cost?

The average product cost is established at 38% of total turnover, which allows for a gross margin of 62% to cover all other direct and indirect costs and maintain a good profit on EBIDTA level.

In addition to franchising, will I have the distributorship rights and online sales for ANNADA products?

No. Distributorship, wholesales and online sales fall under different arrangements and the franchisee must agree to the terms and conditions for obtaining such rights.

What kind of marketing support do I get in my country?

We offer a full range of initial and ongoing marketing support to enable you to reach out to your customers, and the community, while creating an overarching positive brand image. 

What is my exit strategy? Can I sell the business if I want to?

The franchisee has every right to re-assign (sell) the business at any time he wishes to do so, subject to approval by ANNADA of the new franchisee and payment of third-party costs arising out of such assignment. 

I am interested to acquire ANNNADA franchise, what do I do next?

If you are interested to proceed further with the acquisition of ANNADA franchise rights, the initial first step will be for you to complete a franchisee application and to share with us your business profile. Upon approval of your franchisee application, we will send you the terms and conditions for the grant of the franchise in your target market/country. You will therefore be required to signs a letter of intent, and pay a commitment fee for us to instruct its lawyer to produce the franchise agreement specific to your target market.