Inside the Box

Annada’s Gifting Philosophy is simple and direct. It should be from the heart! Choosing is as exciting as receiving the gift. We like to think of the people we are gifting to and understand what excites them. We design our products in Annada to be the perfect gift for any occasion. We make sure it’s packaged beautifully, and can connect with the receiver on a physical and emotional level. 

Annada Signature Box

All our products come beautifully packed in our signature teal box.
We call it the new color of LOVE! 

The Unveiling Ceremony 

Unwrapping the Ribbon and opening the box; spreading the tissue paper then picking up the story card to read about the item and Finally pulling the Scarf out and mesmerise your eyes with its beauty, colors and soft texture.

What’s Inside the Box

Annada Card: The brand information card.
Story Card: Carrying the product's name, story and the artist of the art piece.
Ways to Wear: A suggestions guide of how to style the different products.
The Product: Your chosen artistic scarf / accessory.