Bahrain Noor El Ain (2015)

Dear to our hearts, Bahrain is home to Annada and has served as a muse for our creations for years. As a gesture of gratitude, we love to use our platform to promote local initiatives that bring Bahrain to the forefront and create an open space for creatives and businesses to flourish. This collaboration with Bahrain Noor Al Ain is an intimate project where we designed scarves to be gifted at the annual Shop Bahrain Festival.

Bahrain Noor El Ain is an initiative that supports the retail and tourism sectors in Bahrain. This initiative is home to many start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and markets, assisting them to showcase their businesses to broad audiences, sectors, and regions alike.


The outstanding event held an award ceremony titled “Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship” which awards local entrepreneurs for their accolades and efforts. As a token for their entrepreneurial endeavors, we were honored to create a scarf that acknowledges their work and serves as a reminder of their achievements every time it is worn. 

Annada boxes sat gracefully on each seat welcoming members of the business community of Bahrain with a gleam of teal and printed logos of Bahrain AE and Annada. 

After a spectacular event, we were happy to see guests light up when opening their gifts, and were honored to be part of the continuous support that Bahrain Noor El Ain gives the business community in the Kingdom.

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