Collaborations & Special Projects

Jumeirah Saray Hotel (2018)
For the opening of the Jumeirah Saray Hotel in Bahrain, we were commissioned with creating an artful experience for each hotel guest by creating a personal touch in the guest rooms. The aim was to create a gift that would serve as a representation of the location of the newly opened hotel in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Alfardan (2017)
Collaborating with the prestigious Alfardan Group for the third time, we revisited a beloved artwork, and the first collection we created for Alfardan, “A Collector’s Choice”, originally including a collection of six color interpretations, on the classic square scarf. For our third collaboration, a new color and fabric was used to bring a brand new dimension to the art piece. 
DMA (2016)
Annada’s fascination with art isn’t limited to a specific era and our intrigue with art from centuries before us is what led us to the a collaboration with Dahesh Museum of Art.
WUJI (2016)
Taking it back to basics with Wuji, a Chinese restaurant based in New York, admired for using the freshest organic ingredients. Its’ authentic atmosphere hand in hand with its modern dimensional interior takes the restaurant experience to a whole new level.
Al Zain Jewellery (2015)

The second collaboration with Al Zain Jewelers embraces our values of elegance and endurance manifesting them in precious scarves designs featuring Al Zain’s articulate art and persistent beauty. 

Bahrain Noor El Ain (2015)
Dear to our hearts, Bahrain is home to Annada and has served as a muse for our creations for years. As a gesture of gratitude, we love to use our platform to promote local initiatives that bring Bahrain to the forefront and create an open space for creatives and businesses to flourish.
Alfardan (2014)

On our journey of honouring elegance and illumination, we were thrilled to collaborate with Alfardan for the second time. With the devotion to Alfardan’s timeless heritage, this collaboration allowed us to create the ultimate gift that reinforces their knowledge and mastery of their craft honed over centuries.

Alfardan (2013)
Creating a timeless luxury gift for the esteemed Alfardan Group. A venture into the heritage of the family's legacy through it's private collection captures the Alfardan essence, transforming it into a collection of silk art pieces; a collection of timeless luxury gifts.
Al Zain Jewellery (2012)

A collaboration marking the rebranding of jewellery brand Al Zain in 2012, results in the meeting of two swans to exemplify the unity, harmony and love that Al Zain's precious diamonds bring to their clients.