Al Zain Jewellery (2012)

Brilliance and elegance are some of the essential values we embrace at Annada. From the brush strokes on our graceful scarves to the colors infused in each art piece, illumination is sure to be found. Marking Al Zain’s rebranding in 2012, a fiesta of lavender and purple shades were used to honor the new brand experience. It was a pleasure to be part of this transformation, focusing our vision on the essence of harmony, unity, and love with Al Zain’s precious diamonds taking center stage. We were commissioned to create a gift reflecting the new chapter for Al Zain; an esteemed brand such as Al Zain only deserves the highest standard creations matching their own jewellery art pieces.


We commissioned two painting by one of our own collaborating artists, Abbas Almosawi, to stand as the centerpiece of this magnificent collaboration. As imagined by the artist himself, Al Zain’s very own fantasy land is portrayed on canvas where two elegant swans’ unspoken connection of infinite love and unfolding dreams is realized in a fusion of mesmerizing lavender shades. The harmonic setting is then completed with decorative gems and diamonds for the viewer to ultimately be presented with Al Zain’s new brand image. 

From the surface of each canvas, the unique paintings transformed elegantly into a luxurious silk scarves in harmony with the master jewelers’ creations. Every silk piece is laid inside a distinctive lavender box. Topped with a story card describing the artwork and how it came to be, the box was finally tied with satin ribbons bearing both Al Zain and Annada’s logos.


To illustrate Al Zain’s legacy in a glorious painting that uncovers a magical new chapter in their extraordinary story is the first in long-lasting collaborations for the future to hold.

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