In our journey of honoring elegance and illumination, we were thrilled to collaborate with Alfardan for the second time allowing us to tap into our passion for gifting. Combined with a devotion to Alfardan’s timeless heritage, we were able to create the ultimate gift that sustains their knowledgeable practices for centuries.
Our collaboration entailed a belt and buckle set which is a token of Alfardan’s highly acquired taste; a novelty piece with the family’s imprint that is sure to stand the test of time. In tribute to the cherished family and their thorough history, we included an information card about Alfardan accompanied by care instructions to ensure the longevity of the delicate time-piece. Innovative and practical, the reversible belt and buckle lay in a dashing customized leather box sealed with exquisite gold ribbons. 
Unraveling the seamless ribbons, the belt and buckle sit tastefully in the plush suede box revealing a contrast of fine brown and black leather. The dazzling handmade palladium-plated buckle standing in the center portrays the emblem of Alfardan in impressionable gold or silver Arabic calligraphy. A collaboration that is melodic with our affection for luxury, this extraordinary experience with Alfardan group is one to remember.

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