Alfardan (2013)

Originally founded by a leading pearl merchant, the Alfardan family has evolved their trade practices for over a century, nurturing it into a greatly respected and successful multinational business group for over 60 years in Qatar. 

Through working closely Alfardan Group, we understood their aim was to share their heritage and cherished legacy through timeless luxury gifts. This enterprise has distinguished itself for its integrity, devotion and unique ability to deliver luxury products and services that engage their customers in an experience-driven relationship.  Presenting our own interpretation of the Alfardan heritage on a luxury silk scarf was the perfect testimony to their standards and legacy. For the group, we created two distinct designs which were transformed into wearable art pieces in the finest fabrics. 

The first, “A Collector’s Choice”, in design was an artistic display of one of a kind pearl pieces carefully chosen from Alfardan’s pearl collection. Capturing the essence of the pearls, we transformed the design into a collection consisting of six different color interpretations on the classic square shape scarf, on the finest Annada silk, amplifying the beauty of pearls and rich colors in the art piece.

The second, “A String of Pearls”, was created as an innovative way to wear a pearl necklace. Set in an onyx backdrop, once worn, the wearer seems to be wearing a string of pearls in a beautifully designed illusion. “A String of Pearls” was imagined into a classic long scarf shape, in two luxurious textiles, a fine silk voile and cashmere, exuding luxury and opulence.  

Each scarf is presented in a meticulously designed box bearing both Alfardan and Annada’s brand emblems. It is then secured with a sleek gold ribbon embellished with Alfardan’s Arabic calligraphy emblem. Unwrapping the box reveals the delicate wrapping paper enveloping all the elements; the elegant scarf, the story behind the gift, and the cherished family history all in a classic small-sized booklet, together with a set of exclusively designed ways to wear guide cards slipped inside a sleek black packet.  

This first-time collaboration with Alfardan group was certainly a spectacular experience, one that gave us a chance to have an inside look into the history and heritage of one of the most prestigious families in the region. We are truly proud to have played a part in sharing their legacy.

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