Al Zain Jewellery (2015)

The second collaboration with Al Zain Jewelers embraces our values of elegance and endurance manifesting them in precious scarves designs featuring Al Zain’s articulate art and persistent beauty. 
Al Zain Jewelers are masters of their craft in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With a long history and experienced skill-set in luxury jewelry making and design, they have captured the hearts of people and continue to be admired for their precious creations. We were invited to collaborate with Al Zain for the second time, to design high-end, customized, and exclusive gifts that would translate the beauty of  Al Zain’s dazzling diamonds. 
We created a collection of three ethereal scarves that embody the qualities any high quality diamond would possess; titled “Sparkle”, “Purity”, and “Clarity”.When conceptualizing the designs, we envisioned the gentle steps of a sophisticated lady with a scarf wrapping her neck on a breezy night. That moment was only complete once we adorned the scarf with a few of Al Zain’s precious diamonds glistening in her walk. 
The new scarf design possessed a classic and timeless quality, therefore it was only sensible to create new packaging to reflect the same sentiment as it’s contained art piece. Flawless silver boxes carrying the brand essence and wrapped in their own ribbons protect the gentle silk pieces within. Each box reveals a thoughtful card carrying an element of Al Zain’s legacy and the story behind the design.

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