WUJI (2016)

Taking it back to basics with Wuji, a Chinese restaurant based in New York, admired for using the freshest organic ingredients. Its’ authentic atmosphere hand in hand with its modern dimensional interior takes the restaurant experience to a whole new level. Rising in the area to become a cultural haven for all to remember, it exemplifies the Chinese heritage with a modern yet well-rounded touch.
Underlined with the definition of Wuji being “boundless”, We sought to develop a flavorful encounter and an unforgettable aura packaged in treasured pieces. An add-on to the worn ensemble of the restaurant’s staff and a compliment to it's interior character, we designed a grey square silk piece enriched with a pattern of Wuji’s geometric brand logo. Sealed with Wuji’s signature red bike on one of the corners, this airy silk piece offers endless possibilities to be experimented with and a pop of style accommodating various tastes.
Blurring the lines between nature and structure while introducing the intertwinement of modernity and classic design, the second design became the final piece in the Wuji experience puzzle. A super fine wool scarf created for the restaurant’s enthusiasts, with nods to the deep-rooted art-driven culture of China, features sensibly selected geometric patterns interwoven with linear floral ornaments. The subtle light pink flowers harmonize beautifully with the hypnotic blue, yellow and green tones radiating off the scarf.
This flavorful collaboration has been an eye-opening exploration of a culture that may be foreign to some of us, yet, the experience has led us through a deep dive into the fascinating Chinese civilization; its’ art, culture and cherished heritage resulting in authentic scarves that reflect the story and purity of Wuji’s world.

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