DMA (2016)

Annada’s fascination with art isn’t limited to a specific era and our intrigue with art from centuries before us is what led us to the a collaboration with Dahesh Museum of Art.
We were awestruck by the 19th and early 20th centuries’ art that DMA has curated an alluring collection from. To this day, it is the only institution in The United States that exhibits and interprets works from those ages. Blurring the lines between different audiences and reinforcing classic ideals of skilled art, beauty, and more, Annada dedicated an exclusive collection of scarves titled “Horse & Rider” which adapts artist Rosa Bonheur’s exploration of a horse and its’ rider in motion. 
The collection was envisioned with one intention in mind; to pay tribute to Rosa Bonheur’s work in the most articulate way possible. We focused on conveying her characteristics and aesthetics when choosing everything from the material to the colors of the scarves. The “Horse & Rider” collection was transformed into wearable luxury art,  in luxurious silk, silk voile, and superfine wool in muted colors like blues, pinks, and off-white.
To paint an image of Rosa’s characteristics and honor her notoriety for dressing in men’s clothing for comfort, we thought it was only fitting to cater to the masculine audience by offering a range of “The Horse & Rider” pocket squares in various colors to add a hint of rich elements to the typical black and white suit ensemble.
Extenuating festivities of Victorian Classicism that took place in 19th century England, we transformed a curated painting from the museum’s collection; “Study of Daphnephoria” by Frederic, Lord Leighton, to be sold exclusively at DMA. The breath of this historic piece made it inevitable that it should be elevated on the softest cashmere threads, a truly valuable piece for every art connoisseur to relive the experience of the museum whenever they wear it. 
Birthed of a desire to revive human interactions, nature, and the comfort of animal companionship, we interpreted the essence of the DMA’s experience in customized high-quality packaging, packing paper, and ribbons, resembling the brand of the Museum itself.Our collaboration with DMA has allowed us to uncover an era of art that we’re proud to bring to the forefront. These monumental paintings are now integrated into people’s households and everyday lives in delicacy and excellence fit for its place in the history books.

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