Effortless creations and tailored design, Alfardan’s third collaboration follows our first silk scarves collection with a variation of two lavish cashmere scarves. The scarves express mesmerizing prevalent pieces from Alfardan’s vast collection of exquisite jewels that have been uncovered throughout time.
Alfardan family remains to be a renowned name in the Arabian Gulf. Founded by a leading pearl merchant, Alfardan family sustained its’ knowledgeable practices for over a century, turning it into a greatly respected and successful multinational business group for over 60 years in Qatar. This enterprise distinguished itself for its integrity, devotion and unique ability to deliver luxury products and services that engage their customers in an experience-driven relationship.
Reminiscent of the essence of exclusivity, we designed the “Collector’s Choice” box featuring superior cashmere scarves to be cherished and preserved in compliments of Alfardan. 
Presented elegantly with a customized ways to wear guide, the sophisticated cashmere is tastefully laid in stimulating burgundy and emerald tones. Covered with subtle customized wrapping paper, each scarf came hand in hand with a booklet about how the scarves came to be.
This latest collaboration with Alfardan was certainly a pleasant one. Inspired by a tour of their valuable archives, the timeless gifts continue to stand the test of time with a tailor-made finish that can’t be replicated.

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