The ‘Jackie O’ Style Edition

Leading a high-profile lifestyle is certainly not easy, but that can’t be said for Jackie O. For her, it was effortless! Her signature simple approach to clothing and beauty made her stand out back in the 1950s but it was her classic taste that made her such an adored timeless icon. Here are some style lessons to inspire the ‘Jackie O’ within you today.

The Key to Her Look? Classic, Simple Silhouettes

From shift dresses to two-piece suits, Jackie’s iconic styles embraced A-line cuts and sleek effortless ensembles. To her, chic did not come in tight waists and crinolines. On the contrary, it was obvious in her classic staples and streamlined elegance.

White, Black and color blocks

To Jackie, White and Black were always her favorite colors. Then again, her most iconic styles came in color blocks, whether pastel or monochromatic. She dressed best in her solid color choices by Jean-Louis Scherrer, Christian Dior, Givenchy and later on, Diana Vreeland.

Elegant Add-ons To Finish Off

It all started in 1961 with the pillbox hat. The brimless flat hat sat off as the signature accessory to Jackie’s formal looks then later became an international trendy accent for fashion designers. Yet, when she did not have a pillbox hat, she would wear her favorite silk scarves on the head or around the neck, trending it all the same. Sometimes even paired with oversized sunglasses for a casual, yet glamorous look.

Channel Your Jackie

There is a lot to be inspired by and learn from Jackie’s, so here are some Annada-induced Jackie-styled pieces to inject into your wardrobe.
Try a scarf around your neck.
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Or maybe wear it as a headscarf.
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How about with a simple knot around your neck.
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Then again a colorful Slim scarf can elevate your classic suit set.
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Go on, get inspired, go out but don't forget your accessories! And most importantly take a photo or two, you're definitely entitled to a paparazzi treatment!
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