The (I) In Me  - Mask Set
The (I) In Me  - Mask Set The (I) In Me  - Mask Set


My friend, I am not what I seem. Seeming is
but a garment I wear - a care-woven garment
that protects me from thy questionings and
thee from my negligence. The “I” in me,
my friend, dwells in the house of silence,
and there in it shall remain forevermore,
unperceived, unapproachable.

- Gibran Khalil Gibran

Maryam Nass, Kingdom of Bahrain

70% Cotton 30% Silk


Standard Mask Size  
8.25 x 23 cm / 3.25 x 9 in

Adjustable Straps


The Annada mask set is part of the Cover-Up for a Good Cause campaign, with a percentage of proceeds going to local charity. Each set comes with three reversible and washable masks.

Each mask is cut out of a different section of the same artwork, making each piece one of a kind. The masks you will receive may not be an exact match to the pieces you see here but will certainly have the same feel.


- Wash or launder your face mask after every use.
- To hand wash your face mask soak it in lukewarm water with detergent and fabric softener for 20 minutes, rinse out thoroughly.
- To machine wash your face mask, use a mild detergent on a lukewarm setting and wash with similar colors.
- Hang your mask to air dry.
- Steam or iron your face mask on a low setting to smooth out wrinkles against a flat surface, like an ironing board.
- You may dry clean your face mask.
- Do not machine dry.
- Do not bleach.
- Perfume mask if you prefer.

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