A Memory In Time - Braided Headband
A Memory In Time - Braided Headband

A Memory In Time - Braided Headband

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Stylish and practical, the Braided headband is an everyday essential hair accessory. This headband features artwork A Memory In Time by Abbas Almosawi on silk fabric. Our headbands are a wonderful way to dress up a simple outfit or complement any other Annada art pieces. Lightweight, comfortable, and suitable for women and girls of all ages, making them wonderful as gifts to share.

The Artist

Abbas Almosawi, Kingdom of Bahrain


The Story

Every now and then, I think of you,
I call for your name as you cross my mind.
I find myself at that same place
where we met for the first time.
You’re not there when I stand
waiting for you at your door.
I hear the silence loud and grand
chasing the memories I’m looking for.

- Derived from a song written by Sulayman Almudeef. Performed by: Mohamed Ali Abdulla


The Details

Each headband is made from a different section of the same artwork, making each piece slightly unique. The headband you will receive may not be an exact match to the piece you see here, but it will certainly have the same feel.

- Fabric: 100% Silk Twill
- Size: Standard