Iris - Artlet
Iris - Artlet Iris - Artlet Iris - Artlet


Somewhere underneath the moon,
lays a bed of pure blues.
Where the goddess of rainbow
paints a celestial heavenly view.
Crowned by cloudless skies
in a garden shaped for two,
the loveliest iris has finally bloomed
for no one on earth but you.

- Annada.

Nouf Semari, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

100% Silk Twill

58.5 x 1.9 cm / 23 x 0.75 in

Each Artlet is a cut out of a different section of the same artwork, giving you a one of a kind silk strand to accessorize in your own unique way. The Artlet you will receive may not be an exact match to the pieces you see here but it will certainly have the same feel.