A Tribute to Mom!

As March 21st comes every year we all stop to celebrate one of the most special women in our lives – our mother. In honor of mothers everywhere, we dedicate Mother’s Day to saying thank you for the love, support, and guidance they have incessantly given us. As we grow older we learn the true meaning of what it is to be a mother and just how much love our mothers have devoted to us, making this day even more meaningful. Being a mother means strength, sacrifice, and unmeasurable love and pride. 
To the woman who has shown us everlasting and unconditional love, and to the woman whose love is selfless and forgiving, nothing can amount to how much our mothers do for us. With a little gift on a very special day, we hope to bring a smile to her face as a token of our gratitude.
Mother’s Day gifts are about letting her know how much we appreciate her, and Annada gifts hope to share those sentiments with you. Packed with love and care, each silk scarf is a reflection of the respect and admiration we hold for our dearest mother. Through luxurious silk scarves with compelling stories behind each, let Annada be a part of saying thank you to the woman whose love incomparable, unconditional, and inseparable.

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